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DIY Decorative Serving Trays

DIY Decorative Serving Trays


For several years now I have been using 3 cookie sheets over and over again, and now they are beyond “seasoned”! I’m almost too embarrassed to show you my black cookie sheets, but you need to see the dreadful before in order to appreciate the beautiful after.


DIY Serving Tray Supplies


So, as you can see they were beyond any Pintrest miracle cleansing method, they were shot!  And for some reason I had the hardest time getting rid of them.  I even purchased brand new shiny ones, but never used them in fear of them turning black like my old ones, pathetic I know!

Then one day I remembered this great craft I saw on the Martha Stewart show and figured this was perfect for my dilemma!  They took cookie sheets and transformed them into these beautiful serving trays! Of course they purchased brand new cookie sheets, which you can as well.  However, I suggest if you’re going to do that you should use your new cookie sheets and repurpose your old ones, just my opinion.

This is a fairly simple project that can be accomplished in one afternoon.  Here is the link to the tutorial from Martha Stewart.  Take your time and don’t panic! This is what I was telling myself, because I love this material so much I didn’t want to destroy it!


Here are the supplies you will need:


1 cookie sheet (the older the better, if you know what I mean)

1 can of Elmer’s Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

1/2 yard of fabric

1 sheet of synthetic felt cut to fit the bottom of your cookie sheet

1/4″ thick acrylic sheet cut to fit the inside of the tray


I was also thinking, if you’re like me and collect table clothes you may have some in our linen closet that you don’t use anymore because of stains.  These would be perfect for covering the cookie sheets as well. Or, depending on the size of your cookie sheet, you may even have some dish towels that would fit.  Get creative and start rummaging around your house! You might be surprised what you will find.

Have fun and please share your thoughts and results!


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