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Upcycled Sugar Skull Wine Bottles

Upcycled Sugar Skull Wine Bottles

For quite some time now I have loved the look of the beautiful wine bottles of Villa Alena Moscato D’Asti (purchased at Trader Joe’s ). If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it! It comes from Italy, has effervescence, clean fruity notes, and hints of honey crisp apple on the finish, yum! The bottles have such beauty on their own, but this year I was inspired to upcycle them into fun vases for Halloween.

Villa Alena

I know we’ve all seen the popular chalkboard paint crafts that are everywhere. I’m taking a bit of inspiration from that using matte black spray paint from Krylon Colormaster Primer Black/Ultra Flat (purchased at Michael’s). Once the paint is dried, I embellished the bottles with a white chalkboard pen, and “voila” you have yourself a fun spooky-themed vase that will last you for years to come. Plus you get to enjoy the wine as well!  Bonus!

Upcycle before


Imagine how cute these bottles would be in other colors! How about pink for Valentine’s Day, use matte pink spray paint and embellish with hearts.

Supply List:

1 wine bottle of choice (Villa Alena Moscato D’Asti from TJ’s, my choice)

1 can of ultra-flat black spray paint

1 Permanent chalk marker

1 stake to place the bottles on for painting

How to:

First and foremost, pop open that Moscato and enjoy with a triple cream brie alongside grapes and your favorite crackers! This will help get your creative juices flowing!

Once your bottle is empty, soak in hot soapy water for 10-15 minutes so you can easily scrape off the labels and allow to completely dry.

Now that your bottles are ready, place your bottle on a garden stake or something strong enough to hold the bottle securely while you’re painting.  Spray paint the bottle evenly with two coats.

Once the paint is completely dry… take your chalk pen and have fun! I embellished the natural lines and was inspired by the art of sugar skulls.  The creative possibilities are endless!

Enjoy All 4 One Home!




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