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DIY Holiday Napkin Rings

DIY Holiday Napkin Rings

Last week while I was walking through a home decor store, I spotted some adorable miniature Christmas tree ornaments and thought these would make really great napkin rings. With a bit of thought, I decided to combine the ornaments with the natural wooden beads and jute twine, to give them a casual “farmhouse” feel.

These napkin rings will make adorable gifts, and with so many varieties of miniature ornaments out there, you can take this idea and personalize in many different ways and for several different occasions.

Now let’s get crafty!



4-6 miniature Christmas ornaments

1 spool of jute twine

various sizes of natural wooden beads



glue gun

scotch tape

How To

Remove hooks or string from your miniature ornaments

Measure your twine to approximately 16″

Take a small piece of tape and wrap it on the ends of your twine.  This will help prevent your twine from unraveling when threading the beads

Plan out your design/pattern. I used 11 beads for my design – (5) 20mm (6) 16mm

Attach the twine to the ornament (see photo above) and make sure it is centered

For the first bead, I threaded both ends of the twine through so it will be centered with the ornament

Continue to thread the rest of your beads in the pattern of your choice on each end

Tie off twine in a square knot. Trim off the excess, and secure with a dab of glue


There you have it!  It’s a super easy craft that will add character to your holiday table and can even be used as they were originally intended, to be hung on your tree.

Happy Holidays!

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