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Succulent Topped Pumpkin Centerpiece

Succulent Topped Pumpkin Centerpiece

Hi Friends,

This past weekend I went to our local farm stand, Patterson Fruit Farm who has the best varieties of pumpkins, squash, you pick apples, and of course their famous apple fritters, amazing! While we were strolling the fields searching for our perfect pumpkins, I was thrilled when I spotted the “Cinderella Pumpkin” pictured below. I knew it would be perfect for this succulent centerpiece that I wanted to make.  I love how succulents give a bit of unexpected whimsy to the pumpkin and bring it back to nature.

I really wanted to make this project affordable, so I decided to challenge myself by finding things I already have around the house, or from my property. This past summer I planted several succulents on my deck that were so overgrown, I was able to cut several off and incorporate them into this craft. I also went to my local nursery to purchase a few small succulents that were each under $2 and I needed to purchase the tacky glue that was under $3 as well. All together my centerpiece costs less than $20 to make, and with proper care, it should last throughout the fall season.

So let’s get crafty!




1 pumpkin

A variety of succulents pinched off from the main plant, or purchase mini succulents from your garden supply store

Spanish moss

Clear gel tacky glue

How To

Optional; remove the stem from your pumpkin with heavy pruners.  If your pumpkin does not have much of a well, this will help create one and give you more space for your moss and succulents.

Apply a generous amount of tacky glue to the top of the pumpkin.

Add moss to the glue.

Apply glue to the ends of your succulents and nestle them on top of the moss. Continue to add the succulents to the top of the pumpkin until you can no longer see the majority of the moss. I did glue the bit of dirt that was still on the succulents that I purchased from the garden supply store.  Put pressure on the dirt so it will adhere to the glue, add additional moss on top of the dirt to cover.


If your succulents are freshly cut, wait one week before you water so the ends can callus.

If you had precut your succulents a couple of days prior to your craft and allowed time to callus, you should water as soon as the glue dries; a few hours.

When watering, use a spray bottle and make sure the moss gets thoroughly wet. Once finished watering, if your pumpkin has a deep well; tip the pumpkin on the side to allow for the excess water to drain.  You do not want the water to stay in the well, as it will start to decompose the pumpkin quicker.

These pumpkins are so easy and fun to make, I hope you enjoyed this craft and happy fall everyone!

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