For the Love of Lemons

For the Love of Lemons


About 4 months ago I started a new ritual before my morning coffee routine. I read how warm lemon water first thing in the morning will help aide you in your digestion, flush out the toxins and also give you extra added benefits for your body.

At the time, I was feeling like I needed a little boost in my morning routine. So, I started drinking the warm lemon water everyday. I must admit the first time I tried it my taste buds kind of freaked out because they have been so used to the hot roasted flavor of coffee first thing in the morning. Now, I’m kicking my days off with a zing, and it’s not so shocking anymore.

The benefits I’ve noticed from the warm lemon water is it has improved my digestion by removing any unwanted waste and toxins, because lemons contain pectin fiber that is beneficial for your colon. It also helps cure that morning thirst I get after sleeping 6-8 hours, and it’s packed with Vitamin C which helps with your immune system. Here is a direct link for more information of drinking warm lemon water.

How I prepare my lemon water in the morning is I grab my coffee cup (old habits are hard to break) add the warm water and put 1/2 of a juiced lemon and stir. I prepare the water to be warm not hot because warm water is easier for our bodies to absorb and you will reap the benefits faster.

I truly hope you will try this out for yourselves, you might be pleasantly surprised to see the difference!

Enjoy All 4 One Home!


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