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DIY Recycled Bottle Tiki Torches

DIY Recycled Bottle Tiki Torches

This is a very simple and affordable craft that you can complete in less than an hour. For me, there is something extremely rewarding when I can take an item that once had a certain purpose, and re-purpose it into something else.  I absolutely adore the Domaine de Canton bottles with their scalloped edge and black line details.  These bottles are so elegant looking and they really add so much character to a tabletop.  I have such a hard time thinking of just tossing them into the recycling bin and not transforming them into something else that could be more useful.  Just follow these simple steps to create your very own bottle tiki torches.

Let’s get crafty.


  • Empty bottle of your choice
  • Wine bottle torch kit, I used these
  • Tiki torch fuel
  • Funnel

How To:

  • Soak your bottles in hot soapy water to allow the labels to be easily removed. If you have some stubborn labels, try using Goo Gone and a scrapper.
  • Once your bottles are washed and dry, take your torch kit (follow enclosed instructions for assembly) and place your wick inside the bottle to measure 1/2-inch above the opening, cut remaining off.
  • Using a funnel, pour your tiki torch fuel 3/4 of the way up and soak your wick and add a few drops to the top.
  • Light your torch and enjoy!

The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to bottle torches. So many different shapes, sizes, and colors

I love how they transformed our outdoor dining space and they added the perfect amount of beautiful ambiance to our table.

PS:  If you need inspiration on how to enjoy the Domaine de Canton liqueur here’s my favorite cocktail recipe!

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