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Enjoying The Seasons

Enjoying The Seasons

Today I’m sitting here at my kitchen table looking out onto our patio admiring all of what nature has to offer.  At first glance, I see our turquoise swimming pool reflecting the bright Floridian sun, while the Mama and Papa cardinals are hopping along the fence line in search of seeds that the squirrels may have left behind. The mocking birds, blue jays, and herons all have their song to sing, and it brings me so much joy to witness all of this beauty right here in my own backyard.

As my eyes gaze further… I see our coconut trees, palmettos, and oak trees which border the golf course alongside our backyard. The air is still humid from this morning’s rainfall, however, a light breeze cuts through the heat ever so slightly bringing the satisfying bliss of spring in Florida. Soon the temperatures will increase and summer will be in full force and just like that, another season has passed.

As the summer season quickly approaches, my family and I find ourselves relocating to a small town northeast of Cleveland, Ohio. We are absolutely thrilled to be moving back to a small community and to experience the small-town lifestyle of which my husband and I love so much! It’s always been something we’ve wanted for our children and we feel extremely blessed to be able to provide it to them once again.

While living here in Florida we’ve experienced all four “seasons” even though there is really only one, summer. We have had the opportunity to witness the “snowbirds” migrating during the winter months.  Then watch how quickly they pack up their nests and fly away when it gets too hot for their feathers! For those who live here full time in Florida, we learn to be patient and tolerant with all of the “seasonal” folks and tourists.  It brings us locals closer to one another, because we stay through those difficult summer months and tough it out in our swimsuits, beach gear, and coconut water.

During our residency here in Florida, I’ve developed wonderful friendships of which I will treasure for a lifetime. I’m truly honored to have had the opportunity to call Boca Raton my home for nearly 3 years.  We’ve experienced many different cultures from all over the world and meeting people who have the most interesting stories and family backgrounds. I’m so grateful my children were able to experience this region as well. They have the understanding that our country is very diverse and it doesn’t matter where you come from, as long as you are a good person we can be friends!

To be completely honest with you though, I am so excited about our relocation, sometimes I wish we could leave right now. Just yank our kids out of school early and go on a road trip to explore this land known as the Great Lakes region!  But then I stop and remind myself to pause and enjoy my final season here in Florida. Not to rush into it and take time to savor my friendships and this beautiful tropical lifestyle!  I’ve lived on the Pacific coast and the Atlantic coast and they are both so beautiful in their own unique way. But, I’ve never experienced the tropical life quite like how we have experienced here in S. Florida, and I will treasure all of our fun and amazing adventures we have experienced here, including the hurricanes!

The lesson I’ve learned while living here in Florida is; like mother nature, we all have our own seasons and we should try to enjoy and savor each moment while it lasts.  Sometimes it can be so hot and humid that all you can think about is escaping the heat, but remember somewhere else in the world it is icy and cold and those people wished they were in your flip flops. Just take the time to stop and smell the roses, the plumerias or the magnolias. Acknowledge your neighbor and open your heart to new experiences, because before you know it the season you’re in will have passed and you are on to the next one.




Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you! Enjoy the season you’re in and many blessings to you and yours!

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