The Chef Inside

The Chef 2

When I first started dating my husband (over 20 years ago), I really didn’t know how to cook. I could cook your basic eggs, potatoes and pasta, but nothing gourmet and certainly nothing worth writing home about!

As our relationship developed so did my taste buds for flavorful food! My husband introduced me to so many varieties of ethnic foods; Thai, Sushi, Indian, Greek, Mediterranean and of course authentic Mexican food. My taste buds were over joyed from all of the different flavors and combinations I had never experienced before. I decided I wanted to learn how to recreate these amazing meals so I could enjoy them from the comfort of my home.

With my husbands Hispanic heritage, I’ve been introduced to an array of authentic Mexican dishes. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to learn how to cook Mexican food from the very best teacher I know, my Mother-in-law. Watching her over the years with her loving heart and magical hands, she has shared some of her tips with me on what gives Mexican food that special flavor and signature taste. With some of the family recipes I am sworn to secrecy and may not share those with you. However, in this category Let’s Get Cooking I will be sharing some of my recipes I’ve created and cooking techniques I’ve learn over the years.

Enjoy All 4 One Home!