DIY Dried Orange Slices

DIY Dried Orange Slices


Hello friends! Today I’m sharing with you the simple craft of drying fruit.  This is a craft you can do any time of the year, easily in your kitchen, using citrus or apples. Dried fruit is wonderful for using in crafts, adorning packages, stringing as garland or for use as ornaments.  In addition to looking beautiful, they carry the subtle scent of the fruit to  enhance your project with a nice aroma.



6-8 large oranges

Sharp knife

Cutting board

Paper towels

Bakers cooling rack

Cookie sheets



How To:

Preheat oven 250 degrees

Using your knife and cutting board, slice the oranges 1/4″ thick (the thicker they are the longer they take to bake)

Put the ends aside and save for your potpourri (instructions below)dried-oranges-3

Place your orange slices on paper towels and pat dry

Arrange the orange slices on the baker’s racks and place on the cookie sheets

Bake for 2 1/2 hours or until they look dried

Remove from oven and allow to cool overnight

If you wish to use the fruit as garland or ornaments, take a pairing knife and slice a small hole near the top of the fruit, below the rind before completely drying overnight.  The fruit is still pliable at this time and will be easy to create the hole for stringing.

Once completely dry, you can us your oranges however you wish! Click here to see how I made topiaries out of these dried oranges.






Homemade Potpourri

Here’s how you can use up those leftover ends to make the most amazing homemade potpourri.  In a medium stock pot place the orange ends, 1 cinnamon stick, a sprig of fresh rosemary and fill with water half way.  Simmer on very low heat, add water as needed and your home will smell amazing all day long!

Thank you for stopping by and happy drying!

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