One Man’s Trash Is This Woman’s Treasure

One Man’s Trash Is This Woman’s Treasure

Antiqued White Table


Today I want to share a quick DIY project that took little time, a small amount of effort and minimal cash!  A few days ago I was leaving my neighborhood and noticed a family had moved out and place several pieces of furniture on the curbside.  After all of the items had been picked over there was one lonely little table left behind. I told myself if this table is still here after I come back from running my errands, I will stop and see if it’s worth salvaging.

Sure enough, as I was returning home from picking up my son from school, I saw that the table was still there. I told my son I needed to stop and see if it’s worth bringing home. He was so sweet and concerned and said, “Mom, isn’t it illegal to take someone’s table like that?” I explained to him if someone places items out on the curbside, they no longer want them… right?  At least that’s my understanding! After a quick inspection, I was surprised to find out how sturdy this table actually was and it just needed a bit of TLC to become a functional piece for my living room. So I returned home with my son and the little fixer upper.


After a bit of prep work, which included cleaning and sanding, I painted 2 coats of Home Depot’s Behr Premium  Paint and Primer in one, color (BWC-06) Solid Opal (link here). Once the table was completely painted and dried, I took my sand paper and lightly sanded around the edges to give it more of an antiqued look. My initial inspiration for this table was to match my existing tv console (shown below), which has a two toned finish. Although the fixer upper is not exactly the same finish, I do feel that it compliments it very well!

tv console

Here’s the finished product in it’s new home! I’m very pleased with my choice in keeping it all white with minimal distressing. As you can see I like to mix wood tone finishes in my home and I feel this table looks great next to the dark seagrass chair.


White painted table


I’m absolutely thrilled that this table was abandoned and left behind, but it certainly was not forgotten!

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