DIY Holiday Gift Baskets

DIY Holiday Gift Baskets

DIY Holiday Gift Baskets 2


Awhile ago I was scrolling through my pins on Pintrest and I ran across this craft idea created by She had taken paper grocery bags and upcycled them into berry baskets!  I was instantly inspired by her idea and I had to give it a try! Much to my surprise, I too was able to create these berry baskets with great success and now I want to share them with you!

During the holiday season my favorite grocery store Trader Joe’s switch out their usual paper bags to a more festive style for the holidays.  Every year I try to repurpose these beautiful bags by wrapping my gifts or mailing my Christmas packages in them. This year I’m repurposing them into holiday gift baskets.



Holiday Gift Basket Supplies

1 Paper Grocery Bag, Scissors, Ruler, Pencil or Pen, Hot Glue Gun & Mini Clothes Pins

How To

DIY Basket Collage


  1. Cut the bag down the seam and remove the bottom.
  2. Measure and mark 1.75″ strips (18 stripes needed).
  3. Cut the strips and cut 2 strips in half.
  4. Glue the 4 short strips onto 4 long strips.
  5. Fold all strips into thirds, pattern side down for the seasonal print to be shown.
  6. Weave 6×6 short strips and hot glue down the corners and secure with the clothes pins.
  7. Weave the 4 long strips around the sides, using the mini clothes pins to fold over the strips to secure and tighten as you go.
  8. Once the last strip is weaved, cut the strips off the top just enough so you can tuck it back under the top strip.
  9. Start tucking every other strip under the top strip (I tuck the outer strips first).
  10. Continue tucking the inside strips and trim and glue any loose ends that might be sticking out.


These baskets are so festive with the print on the outside, however they are just as beautiful with the solid brown showing as well and can be used for any occasion.


DIY Holiday Gift Baskets 2


Imagine placing your homemade gift items in these beautifully hand crafted baskets; cookies, chocolates, soaps, and body scrubs will fit perfectly in them and I’m sure your recipients will appreciate the time that was spent putting into these amazing gift baskets. Thanks to Lia Griffith for her inspiration and tutorial!

Thank you for reading All 4 One Home and Happy Holidays!






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